Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Turn your Paper Napkin into a Stationary

We (at least me) always buy this designed Paper Napkins when I saw then at the store. Most of the time I am looking for the good deal at the end of a season, then I buy for next year :)

The napkins do look good on your table , but what if you could expand this design you like from the napkin to all your table presentation.

Here it is ! You will learn how to transfer very easily the napkin design to a regular paper that you can use as stationary decoration for your table.

Your favorite designed napkins
White craft paper or printer paper
Plastic Wrap
A sketch book
An iron

Step 1

- Turn ON the Iron on max and turn OFF the steam

- Separate the layers of the napkin and keep the top 
  one with the design

Step 2

- Cut a piece of white paper that you want to transfer the napkin on

- Then cut the napkin a little smaller than this paper

Step 3

- Place the white paper in the middle of the sketch book
- Then place a layer of plastic wrap (be sure there is no fold)
- Top with the napkin

Cover the whole thing with 4 pages of the sketch book and iron on top.
Make 6 slow motions back and forth.
Lift the pages slowly to check if the napkin has transfered to the paper.

If a corner is still not transfered: cover back with the pages and iron on this spot for 4 seconds. Repeat if necessary.

You can do it with independent papers instead of the sketch book, but it is easier with it, since the pages won't freely move 

Step 4
Trim the papers to the border of the design napkin.

From here your creativity is infinite using scissors, punch, glue,....
In this sample I made a bottle wrap and 2 tags.


  1. the texture of the paper is also very nice this way . It is like soft :)

  2. Love it. There are so many pretty napkins.