Monday, April 4, 2011

Pear Cake to Delicious Truffles ... (vegan)

For the recipe of the Pear cake, read previous post...

Turn your Pear Cake into Truffles
About 10 truffles

Crumble Pear Cake
Cut half of the cooled pear cake and place in a bowl.
With your fingers crumble the cake as picture below.
Set aside.

To make the crumble moist enough to roll into shapes we need to add some sweet buttercream to it.
To make vegan buttercream it is really simple.

Vegan Buttercream
2 tbsp vegan butter (earth balance)
4 tbsp powder sugar
1 tsp rice milk (any vegan milk)

Cream the butter with a hand mixer, add one tablespoon at a time the sugar and mix well after each addition.
Finally pour the rice milk and mix until well combined. Your buttercream is ready !

Now mix the crumble and the buttercream together.
You know your mixture is ready when you can roll ball without them breaking apart.
You can make any shape you want with the dough, here I choose to make pear shapes.
To do that, make a ball, then with your finger, thin the top of the ball.
Place the uncoated truffles on a tray and place in the freezer.
(it should not stay more than 15 min in the freezer)

Chocolate Ganache
5oz. vegan semi sweet chocolate (enjoy life)
1 1/2 tbsp agave nectar
3 tbsp vegan butter (earth balance)

Pour the chocolate chips in a small sauce pan over low heat.
Right away add the agave nectar which will make it shiny, and the "butter".
Stir constantly and take away from heat as soon as liquid.

Back to the truffles...
Cover a tray with wax paper. 
Take out the truffle from the freezer and directly dip into the chocolate ganache.
With a spoon grab the truffle and place it on the wax paper.
Repeat until all truffles are covered of chocolate.

Let the truffles set on the counter for 15 minutes and it will be ready.
If you like your chocolate to be cold you can put the tray in the fridge after these 15 minutes.
But I am too impatient for that :)

Bon Appetit !!!

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