Thursday, March 3, 2011

DIY Cookie Bag

Remember the Valentine's Day Cookies ? I promised I will post how to create cute gift bags.
ahah like we would not eat all of them and actually give it away to people :)


What you will need :
- 4x5 treat bag (any craft store)
- 4x4 pattern paper
- 2x2 pink paper (min. size)
- 1 1/2x1 1/2 black paper (min. size)
- Love theme stamp
- white ink pad
- 2" round scallop punch
- 1 1/2" round punch
- stapler

Note : Shape, Size and Color can be adjusted to any theme you are working on !             Be Creative !

    STEP 1 : Scallop punch
Turn your punch over and slide the paper in. 
This way it is easier to frame the punch you are going to do.

    STEP 2 : Stamp, Punch, Glue
   Stamp in white on your black piece of paper. Wait 1 minute until the ink is dry,
   then with the same technique as above punch around the writing (in this case it 
   becomes very useful to be able to see where you punch). 
   Next glue the round piece onto the pink scallop you cut earlier.

   STEP 3 : Fold, Decorate and Close up !
  Fold your last piece of paper in 2.
  Glue the decoration previously
  made on top.
  Finally slide the bag between and
  staple both right and left corner.

NOTE : Don't forget to put your 
Cookies or Candy inside the bag 
             before closing :)

Use your creativity to match any themes for any events (baby shower, birthday party,...)

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