Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Hampshire Bakery

I should have start this blog earlier ! Now I have tons of things to catch up with ! :)
Before we moved in Austin we lived in Danbury,NH, hometown of my husband, Bryan. This is where everything began !
Back in 2099, Bryan's Mom (Audrey) was on a project to open a bakery. I was just arriving in the US and needed something to keep me busy so I just started to help her around and that's how everything started.


After a year at this Bakery working together with Audrey, we decided to expand ! that's why we purchased a beautiful  historical building  and this coming May we will have a full time running Coffee Shop, Bakery and Catering Business. Now I spend half the year there working and the rest of the year in Austin "relaxing" !

Enough words, Here are the pictures ! 

The Business Family :)
Left to right :
Sara (run the natural food store next door), Audrey (my half at the Bakery), Emma (our "little" helper), Steven (my husband's dad) and Me (laying down)

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